Rahman's Reflection

Day 0
I learned quite a bit about the bicycle generator today like how it generates power from the pedal and how it converts it to electrical energy that allows the battery to charge. I also get to know new people, my group members, who I haven't talked to.

  • What sounds interesting about this project?
When I heard of this project, I was interested to know more about it as it sounds like an engineering project. I can learn the process behind it and how it helps the battery to charge.
  • What do you think you can learn from this project? 
I think I can learn how each component works and how it affects the system. I also can learn the process which enables the battery to charge. I also can learn how to build it as I would be seeing videos about how they assemble it.
  • Any immediate questions regarding the project?
Can the bicycle be used as a normal bicycle and not stay at one spot?

1st Day 

We were given a briefing by Professor Sridhar. We learned the definition of science and technology and learn the scientific problem and engineering problem. Next, we were off to our project. My group were made to improve the AMS. We made it higher and add new features to it like cushioning the fall of the glass. After our break, we when to our own project which is the bicycle pedal generator. We learned how the DC generator works and how we can measure RPM and voltage by using a tachometer and multimeter respectively. We plotted a graph and found that the faster you pedal the higher the RPM and voltage.

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  1. I am sure you have learnt a lot and there is more reflection to be written. Please make an effort to write more.